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Alex Annesty's music

I've written quite a bit of music, in a variety of styles and even have a musical show in its early stages. For anyone who's interested, I've started to list some of my more interesting and/or vintage music equipment on Alex Annesty's music equipment page.

If you're looking for my old 4-track demos, I've decided to remove them as I'm working on new versions of a lot of my old songs and think it's time to consign the old stuff to the archives. They were originally recorded around 1990 on a 4-track Porta Studio and mixed down to 2-track stereo cassette, so the sound quality wasn't great. I didn't have the benefit of compressors, limiters, or any other studio gadgets, other than a very primitive reverb unit, so the sound was rather amateurish. Also, the keyboard parts were actually played on a basic Yamaha PSS-680 home keyboard, with some voices coming from a Yamaha CX5MII/128 music computer, a fact which was particularly obvious in a 'jazz quintet' bridge of a song called 'Dream a little more'; I wrote the arrangement for a real jazz band, but you needed a bit of imagination to hear the FM synth voices as anything other than electronic. When I get round to re-recording them, I'll upload the 'new improved' versions.